Europa League Prediction

After what happened in the Champions League to Chelsea last night and to Arsenal last week, I think it’s safe to say that for most English fans it’s time to focus on the less prestigious Europa League, for the first time in many years. I spoke to a colleague (a Man Utd fan) after the Arsenal vs. Milan game; I couldn’t hide my envy that her team is still in a European tournament. It’s the same old February for Arsenal: a period that they exit all competitions. Nevertheless, life has to go on (for me) and I decided to look at English teams’ chances of winning the Europa League. Continue reading

Masters of Unpredictability

When I was watching BBC’s Match of the Day 2 on Sunday evening, the programme host mentioned how unpredictable Aston Villa’s league form has been lately. He pointed out that their last 7 league game results (before last Sunday) were: loss-draw-win-loss-draw- win-draw. It seems indeed a little random in a sense that the team hasn’t achieved back to back wins or draws or losses. After last Sunday’s game, a 2:1 loss to Newcastle, adding to the sequence, the hypothesis still holds.

But are they really being unpredictable? Continue reading