What is the impact of Home Advantage on the rate of penalty conversion?

Playing a match at home is considered to be an advantage. But how can this influence the outcome of an action in critical situations, like a penalty? There are two aspects of that influence. On the one side the fans will obstruct the concentration of the opponents when they are taking a penalty, but on the other side the pressure is bigger when you HAVE to score in front of your own audience. Which of the above has greater impact then?

The last three seasons in the five major European leagues (i.e. Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Primera Division and Ligue 1) there were 1,470 penalties awarded. From those 1,122 were converted into goals, a conversion success rate of 76.3%. The chart shows the conversion rates of penalties for Home and Away teams for each of the three seasons, as well as the corresponding rates:

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What’s up with Chelsea’s Defence?

Chelsea haven’t really lived up to expectations this season. Some have pointed out that their poor defensive performance is to blame. But which part exactly? I got curious and wanted to find out.

I started by looking at some of Chelsea’s raw stats. This season, by the end of 2011, Chelsea had conceded 24 league goals from a total of 19 matches. That comes to 1.26 goals per match. How does that compare to previous seasons? The chart below illustrates:

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Should Arsenal Worry About Conversion?

11/12 Goal Conversion ByClub After 4 MatchesArsenal have scored only three goals this season. Should they be worried about their inability to convert shots into goals?

Arsenal fan @Orbinho – mentor to @OptaJoe – tweeted that Man Utd have scored with 30% of their shots last season while Arsenal have only managed to score with 7% of theirs. The chart shows that they rank equal 14th, alongside West Brom and Norwich, in terms of shot conversion this season.

Last season Arsenal ranked fourth with a shot-to-goal conversion rate of 14%. Man Utd topped the conversion charts with 16.4% of their shots finding the back of the net.

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